Practices and Events


Please join us on Sundays from 10 am – 1 pm. Archery practice happens all year long (weather permitting)
We have loaner equipment for Archery and we can teach you how to use the equipment safely.
Please wear appropriate clothing, and tight sleeves for archery.

Thrown Weapons:

(A missive from Carolingia’s Thrown Weapons Marshal from March 14, 2022)

Hi, Spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer and the throwers long to return to the range. To this end we will be having two days of range maintenance the first weekend of April. Saturday the 2nd from 10am-1pm will be Framingham range maintenance and Sunday the 3rd from 10am-1pm will be Carlisle range maintenance. Many hands make light work so the more people who show up the faster we can get it done and if there is time once the work is done we can throw for a bit.

*There is a change to the thrown weapons range schedule this year*.

Due to losing many marshals in the past few years we will no longer be having two practices a week. We will have one practice a week alternating Saturdays at Framingham and Sundays at Carlisle. Both practices will now run 10am-1pm. The first practice of the season will be at Framingham on Saturday April 9th, the following week will be a Sunday practice on April 17th in Carlisle. the Carolingia Calendar will be updated with practice dates and locations before the ranges open.
Yis, Deirdre <>

We have loaner equipment for Thrown Weapons and we can teach you how to use the equipment safely.

Monthly Project Day:

Usually on Sunday afternoons. Please note that we will continue to meet virtually through at least May 2022.

Monthly business meetings:

Held quarterly (at a minimum), typically in conjunction with project day.

More Details:

For more information about any of these practices, please see our Facebook group or email list, or contact our Seneschal!

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