Business Meeting Notes, 12/20/2020


  • Ivan
  • Kassandra
  • Zohane
  • Arlyana
  • Peter
  • Johanna
  • Chelsey
  • Ermengard
  • Katla

Officer Reports:

Exchequer: bank change is in the works, will send the updated forms to Mikjall this evening. 4th quarter report due 15 Jan.

MOAS: Arts and Sciences are happening. Report was on time, next report in June.

New Business

Exchequer needs to make sure there’s bank activity every quarter or so to keep the account from becoming inactive. Proposal: Chelsey will  move $5 from savings to checking or checking to savings each quarter as she’s filing reports, in order to keep the accounts active. Unanimously approved.

Ivan’s term as Seneschal ends in February 2021, will be stepping down. Is opening a call for candidates to take over as Seneschal starting Feb.

Archery is still occurring, weather permitting. Very chilly, but still can be done with proper clothing.

Thrown weapons is on hiatus for winter.

Archery championship has occurred, waiting for TE’s to make a decision.

Two new marksmen: Richard and Catherine

Online holiday gathering, 5-7 on Jan 9.

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