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Our Parent Groups

The Barony of Carolingia – The Canton of the Towers is one of two Cantons within the Barony, covering the whole of the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts.
The East Kingdom – The East Kingdom reaches along the east coast, beginning in eastern Pennsylvania, and stretching north to the Canadian border and beyond.
SCA, Inc. – The Society for Creative Anachronism is the international organization all local groups operate beneath.

Nearby Groups

The Canton of Aschehyrst – The other Canton within the Barony Carolingia, Aschehyrst occupies the area west of the Boston area.
The Shire of Quintavia – The western neighbor of Carolingia, Quintavia extends roughly to central Massachusetts.
The Barony of Bergental – Further west than Quintavia, Bergental is centered on Springfield, MA.
The Barony of Smoking Rocks – Lying to the southeast of Carolingia, it covers southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and islands.
The Barony of Stonemarche – The Northern border of Carolingia, Stonemarche lies in modern New Hampshire.