Business Meeting Notes, 2/28/2021

Attendees: Ivan, Johanna, Arlyana, Peter, Chelsey, Thorvald

Items of Business:

  1. Selecting a new seneschal
    • Thorvald has volunteered for the position. Lord  Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar confirmed he is a member until Jun 2022. Vote is approved. 
  2. Finding an emergency deputy exchequer
    • Mistress Creiddlyladd is filling in as deputy exchequer for now
    • Still need to find a long term replacement. Anyone interested please contact Lady Chelsey at
  3. Bank account signatures
    • Chelsey has not yet contacted the bank, will try to stop by tomorrow to talk to the bank reps about next steps
  4. Their majesties were discussing succession today. Possibility of using local tournaments leading to a victor’s tournament, to reduce the number of folks traveling. Or perhaps they could appoint a Regent, if necessary, but so far they are willing to continue serving, so there is no urgency to pick new heirs at this time.
  5. Archery is happening as weather allows. Ygraine delivered a set of gloves, so we have gloves again. Anytime is possible (weather allowing), call Peter in advance.
  6. Discussing with Zohane to host another cooking session, and Rosina to host a fingerloop braiding class — likely April and May.

Next meeting is March 21. Fiore will teach making embroidered chalice covers.

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